Yo Sushi – Manchester Arndale (Pregnant Edition)

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Yo Sushi is a place i’ve been going to for years with my friend Tanya. We remember back in the day when it was in Selfridges (where the Bobbi Brown stand is now) where we used to stand behind the ‘please wait to be seated’ sign at 11.55am impatiently waiting and watching the staff set up for service at 12pm.

Fast forward 3 or 5 years later and it is now in the Arndale Centre, funnily enough it took over the unit where Tanya and i used to work as supervisors when it was Est Caffe. Anyone remember that place?

When i became pregnant i was bombarded with advice on what foods to avoid, so much so that it becomes a headache. The best place to find information is on the good ol’ NHS website… but even that changes now and again. I mean are we allowed runny eggs now or what?

Sushi according to the NHS is fine to eat during pregnancy if the fish has been frozen first. They also advice you to choose Vegetarian or cooked dishes instead of the raw fish just to be safe. I have to try this out myself!

The Salmon Sashimi is the dish i love the most, but sadly this is a dish i can no longer have. Luckily there are plenty more things i can have. Here’s how i get on…


The drink i choose is a Yuzu and Pear juice to build up my immune system. Yuzu is a Japanese fruit which is a mix between a lemon and a lime… i know this because of a Yuzu cheesecake i once had at Tampopo. I miss that cake!

Without fail i will always pick up a plate of Avacado Maki first, it’s one of the cheapest and most delicious plates. In fact this visit i picked up two pf these bad boys because i cannot bear to see them wizz by me on the belt!




Chicken Katsu Curry!

I love Chicken Katsu Curry. I currently work in Tampopo and any staff member there will tell you how much i love the Katsu. I order it on nearly every shift that i’m on so really i should be leaving it alone when i’m out with my friends. But nope, Tanya calls the waitress over to order from the menu and i can’t help but shout Katsu at her.

The addiction is real!

This plate is also a good filler dish, it’s a small portion which means you can indulge in many more plates from the belt. The chicken is fried in panko bread crumbs and placed on a bed of sticky rice. The katsu sauce is added then sprinkled with some fiery pickled ginger. Perfect!


Not only did i shout Katsu at the waitress but i then politely order the Hoisin Duck Steamed Bun. Now i’m sure this is a Chinese dish as i’ve had especially good ones from one Dim Sum Su which you might remember from my NYE 15 Food Fight post.

Either way i don’t mind as i’m happy to see it on the menu. Now this does not compare to Dim Sum Su but for a chain this is a really good offering and it will do just fine today. It doesn’t last two minutes and i could happily eat another one!


The Dessert!

It has to be the Chocolate Mochi hasn’t it!

This plate is available straight from the belt so there’s no waiting around and they are served cold. They’re so weird in texture and are described as ‘sweet rice balls with a rich ganache centre’. As a self confessed chocoholic i could eat lots of these plates but i didn’t i had one. How strong am i?