What to pack in a babies hospital bag

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Even though i gave birth last November i still find myself reading blog posts on what to pack in hospital bags, i find them so interesting … or maybe i’m nosy, who knows! I will do a post on what i took in my personal bag in the near future.

We had two bags for the baby, they were both gifted to us from my parents (from Spain so i can’t link them) there is one small and one large and i love them, they’re blue in colour but say precious girl on them, totally gender neutral. We’ve had a few people saying girls can’t wear blue and i’m all like hell yeah they can haha!

In both bags i included money for parking, in fact i put coins in every bag we had. If the appointments over the year had taught us anything it’s that hospitals seem to only deal in coins, vending machines, car parks and even the cafe’s turn their nose up at cards or notes. They love change!


In the small bag i packed the bum changing equipment

  • Nappies – (the newborn size and size 1).We collected all the sample packs we received at events throughout the year and that meant we could test all the different makes and sizes.
  • Water Wipes – These wipes are without a doubt the best wipes for newborns. The hospital recommends you only use water and cotton wool but reading blogs and watching vlogs prepared me for what the first poops are like and trust me you’ll need an actual wipe! ewww.
  • Cotton wool balls – standard.
  • Nappy sacks – these are a staple in any changing bag, they keep the smell out of the room so they’re worth every penny.
  • Nappy Cream – again we took the samples from the year. Our favourite has got to be the Baby Burts Bees nappy cream to powder one, it applies like a dream… a really weird dream apparently.


The large bag contained clothing and feeding equipment

  • SMA starter kit – we went in prepared and knowing that sometimes breastfeeding might not go to plan! These bottles have sterilised bottles and teats so it made for easy feeding. We ended up having to use them and we stayed in the hospital for a week. I later got a family member to pick up a breast pump but i’ll do a future blog post on all of that, it’s a long story.

  • Breastfeeding Pillow- This was gifted to us by Tanya and it really helped me getting Cora into a good position. It’s a life saver after a C-section.

  • MAM bottle and dummy – Boots give this away for free when you join their parenting club. It’s a self sterlising bottle and it comes with a dummy.
  • Bibs and muslin cloths – You will go through soooo many bibs so i picked up some cute ones from Ethal Austins and the muslin cloths are from the Mamia range in Aldi (keep an eye out for their special baby & toddler events). The cloths are still going strong to this day so i really recommend them!
  • A blanket – to keep your baby warm and cosy.

  • 2 hats – I didn’t know this at the time and we only brought them because it was Winter but babies always need a hat on, it’s actually really important, so be prepared.
  • Towel – Gifted to us by our sister at our baby shower and oh so important.
  • Booties – Again so important for those winter months, but so hard to keep on little feet.
  • Cardigans – For when we ventured outside.
  • Gloves – Oh my gosh have you seen how cute the penguin set is below? This was gifted to us by Sarah and it was the first thing Cora wore and is currently in her memory box.

  • Vests – A necessity, we had so many of these, just plain white ones from mothercare.
  • 4 sleep suits with scratch mittens – These were our favourite things to purchase, it’s their first little outfits! The two below are ones with a skirt so it made it easy for us to change Cora without disturbing her too much and from Marks and Spencers.

So that’s everything? Did i miss anything?

Comment below if you had anything different!