We’re Having A Baby!

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So this is exciting news!

Me and Mark are having a baby and we’re so happy to share this news with you. As of today i am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant which makes my due date the 5th of December.

Since finding out, i have been obsessed with watching You Tube videos and reading blog posts by other expecting mothers. This is my first baby and i have absolutely no clue on what to expect, in fact i’ve never really been around a pregnant person before this year and i’m the youngest in my family at 29! So what do i do?

Naturally the first thing i did was check every NHS and pregnancy site on the internet. To the point where i freaked myself out in the first week and couldn’t imagine getting to my due date in one piece. Luckily i have some great friends and family around me that have managed to calm me down and point me in the right direction. In fact this is why i have decided to blog about it, writing about my worries will help me and hopefully any other mums to be that are going through the same thing.

I found out i was pregnant at the 6 weeks mark, and the days leading up to now have been very up and down. I know i want to write about my experience but i also knew to wait till the 12 week scan. The first 12 weeks are the scariest and nothing could prepare me for them. So i hope with my blog i can share my stories and hope other people can relate.