Soggy Doggy – Board Game Review

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Flashback to just after Christmas, an excited 4 year old came home from pre-school talking about a soggy doggy. I had NO idea what was being said. A few days later, the mums of Cora’s friends were talking about a new game that all the kids are talking about. Soggy Doggy!

Oh. So she wasn’t just rambling about a crazy dream!

I had flashbacks of when i was in school and all the kids were going on about games, only that was High School and when you get older those games tend to be digital and expensive. So when I saw that this was a board game and reasonably priced, I said let’s get it.

Being at home so often these days I was on the lookout for new games and puzzles so I added it to my Smyth’s order. It was around the £10 mark so pretty reasonable for a board game and it’s aimed at 4 – 7 year olds which is also perfect as this age range is so hard to buy for.

Bring back the days were they are excited about anything shiny!

The Set Up

It’s worth noting that the game requires three AA batteries but luckily we were prepared. The set up itself was simple, to the point where sometimes I find Cora has done it herself. There is a bit of assembly to do but it is not on the same level as Mouse Trap!

Maybe that’s the level of set up I compare all things to now… that game has had an impact on me I tell you.

The Rules

Super simple premise.

All components start in the basket area on the board, adorably you can be the soap, a rubber duck, a paw or a bone. However we are not allowed to pick our own, Cora is the designated component distributer.

Roll the dice, race around the board but make the dog shake the water off and it’s back to the start. Make it round the board and back to the basket to win.

I have to be honest though, there are four coin tokens one for each player and I’m not sure what these are for…even after reading the instructions soooo there’s that.

Would we recommend?

This game was purchased in January and after 4 months, Cora is still so excited about playing it. We save it for weekends and it has been a good distraction for not being able to go to the playground or playcentres etc. So in this respect it’s worth every penny.

However this game isn’t aimed at me, I’ll add what Cora has to say here…

Mark – ” Hey Cora, why do you like Soggy Doggy?”

Cora – ” Because I love him”

So there you have it folks, a hard hitting review of Soggy Doggy!

Ok, i couldn’t leave it like this. I need to know what those pesky coin tokens are for. I text Mark, who has just replied saying he doesn’t remember them.

Next – The internet, the internet never fails. There is actually a question on Google asking ‘What are the tokens for in Soggy Doggy’ and i didn’t write it!

They are basically given to a player when they get sent back to the starting line and it acts like a get out of jail free card. The next time the dog shakes you can hand that in and you will not be sent back, Thanks thetoyinsider.com your review is more informative than mine. But i still have more questions about them, I don’t feel like that works? Am i only one… no wonder we didn’t use them haha. You don’t need them, just enjoy the game and have fun with your family.