Rocky On The Road – Paw Patrol Party

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Rocky On The Road in Heywood is a relatively new business to the area so of course we jump at chances to support.

When ROTR announced their Summer school holiday activities the one to catch my eye was the Paw Patrol Party.

My daughter is five years old and has loved Paw Patrol for the last few years, honestly she’s obsessed. It was a quick jump from Peppa Pig to Paw Patrol and I didn’t see it coming. That’s the thing with children they can love something Monday to Saturday and forget it existed on Sunday.

When Cora started school this year, she was of coursed kitted out in Paw Patrol accessories to which a fellow student pointed out that “Paw Patrol is just for babies”. This upset her immensely, so now at every chance, I sign up to Paw Patrol events and watch the movie. This shows her that plenty of five year olds still love it.

Side note: The film is actually quite good!

We booked the 1pm session, the café has a handful of tables so we knew it wouldn’t be overcrowded which I like. My sister joined us so I had help juggling the two kids. The staff we super friendly and allowed our group to sit on the larger booth. We had space for the pram too.

Straight away we were handed a paper menu with instruction on for Cora, the concept is that each child can make their own Rocky Road from scratch. Starting with circling which ingredients they would like and then the real fun starts. My sister and I asked if we could also order a make your own Rocky Road. The staff were more than happy to let us, they actually said they like when the adults join in with the activities. Alternatively a menu of ready made Rocky Roads are available to order and eat whilst your kid gets messy.

This particular event was Paw Patrol themed so the toppings had Paw Patrol included cake toppers. Crafts such as make your own Paw Patrol Pup Tags were provided and colouring in sheets. The set up was fantastic.

What did we choose?


  • White chocolate with pink dye, like Skye.
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Cookies and Oreo biscuits
  • Toppings were sprinkles and Paw Patrol toppers.
  • A drink is included and unlimited for kids so Cora ordered a chocolate milk with whipped cream.

Me aka Rosaleen

  • White Chocolate with green dye, so i was Rocky.
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Cookies and Shortbread biscuits
  • Same toppings as above
  • I had a Reece’s Pieces Milkshake from the adults drink menu.

Auntie Jo Jo

  • Milk Chocolate (no food dye is included with this choice for obvious reasons)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Double cookies
  • Same toppings above.
  • Jo Jo ordered a Nutella Freakshake which had fluff and a rocky road as a topping (pictured above) it was glorious!

The Method:

As soon as our orders were collected the staff get the ingredients ready, they switch on the chocolate warmers and go through the H&S rules. Then throughout the session they guide you on what to do so you are never stuck.

First you put the chocolate on to melt, then get to work smashing your biscuits. When smashed up, add the marshmallows and cover with the chocolate in the provided cases. Then add the toppings.

The staff then take these away and package them up so you can refrigerate them at home.

A special visit from Marshall was included at the end and to see all the kids faces light up was priceless. I may or may not have cried haha.

Overall i would really recommend a visit here, the staff are wonderful and the food and drink menu rivals most in Greater Manchester. The make your own rocky road includes a drink and is £10.

Look out for more events they have on in the upcoming school holidays. They have different ones often, listed here and on their socials. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

What are your thoughts? What would you choose? Comment below 🙂