My Top 5 Pregnancy Beauty Picks

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During pregnancy the body changes a lot and i’m not talking about the obvious changes like your waist size but things i had no idea about. You hear about women glowing during pregnancy and it all sounds magical, hair gets thicker and nails become stronger. But what about the less glamorous effects on the body?

I’ve put together a list of 5 products that have been my saviour these last few months.

  1. ELIZABETH ARDEN – Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick


My lips have been dry and chapped since my teenage years, i blame my love of lip products and lack of lip care knowledge. It was nothing the common lip balm couldn’t solve but now my lips have evolved into monsters being¬†cracked and sore most days. I spent hours online researching the best ways to heal broken lips and i tried everything from exfoliating with my toothbrush to applying layers and layers of coconut oil to my lips before bed. Nothing worked and i was ready to face the next 9 months with bare lips and funny looks.

My friend Sarah aka SequinThis recommended Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour intensive repair lip balm, but at ¬£20 i shrugged it off and went on with my weird but cheap beauty hacks. Weeks went by and my lips were still a joke so i popped into Boots to check out the Arden stand and being a sales girls dream (i can never say no) i was talked into buying the lip protectant stick by the Boots lady.

Why did i not do this sooner? I’m sorry Sarah!

It’s so good and i’m more than happy to fork out another ¬£20 on the repair lip balm. The balm is enriched with Vitamin E and has an SPF of 15. Perfect for the … err… summer when it arrives.

2. PALMER’S –¬†¬†Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks


There are so many stretch mark creams on the market now it can make your head spin, i spent a whole 30 minutes in Boots trying to decide on a product. It’s advisable to get a stretch mark cream at the beginning of pregnancy as this reduces the chances of developing stretch marks. My mum swore by good ol’ Baby Oil during her pregnancies and after five children she hasn’t got any¬†and that should be reason enough for me to head straight for that product. But being a beauty addict i wanted to try out something else out and see for myself.

I settled on Palmer’s tummy butter, a little bit because the name is awesome but mainly because the smell of it is amazing. It’s similar to the cocoa butter but it has a touch of lavender in it too which makes it a really nice night time treat.

So far i’ve not noticed any marks and i started showing at 6 weeks so 10 weeks on i’m doing ok. It also helps the dryness and itchiness associated with a growing belly which i’ve not experienced. So i’m happy with my choice.

(I will continue to drop a bit of baby oil into my baths though because mothers are always right)


3. THE BODY SHOP – Hemp Hand Protector


As well as my lips my hands became chapped and almost lizard like which is not like me. I’ve never had trouble with the skin on my hands and hardly ever have to put hand cream on. So again i asked my friends and Twitter for hand cream recommendations and this time i didn’t think about money and bought the product that was suggested most.

The Hemp hand protector from The Body Shop was mentioned and immediately i had flashbacks to my high school days. Does anyone else remember their two week high school work experience? I do! I worked in the Royal Exchange Body Shop in Manchester and i loved it! In fact i wanted to work there for the rest of my life, everybody was so nice and i got to work with a brand that still to this day is respected by many.

Anyway back to the hand cream, this hand cream was one of the best selling hand creams at that time and it still is today. So in the shopping basket it goes and hello pre-pregnancy skin.


4. RADOX – Bath Therapy Muscle Soak Herbal Bath Salts


After a day at work i tend to have the worst pain between my shoulder blades, i imagine the cause of this is because my breasts are becoming larger and heavier, even with the best support bra on i am in pain most days. Climbing onto my bed at the end of the day became a struggle so i’ve decided become a bath person again, giving me an excuse to stock up on bath bombs and tealights. The most effective bath product out there is Radox’s muscle soak, this stuff is amazing and it’s really affordable too! In high school i swore by this stuff after a long distance run or especially cross country runs. Now it is again a fixture in my bathroom only this time it’s because i’m growing a human, see you later trainers!


5. L’OREAL – Color Riche Collection Exclusive – Julianne’s Red


What would a beauty post be without a make up item? And of course i have to mention a red lipstick! Since my lips are back to normal and i can finally brave a bold colour again i’ve fallen in love with this red lipstick by L’oreal. It’s even in a matte texture which makes me so happy. I usually go for moisturising glossy type lip products but i find this particular lipstick has the staying power. Unlike some matte lipsticks it doesn’t dry out my lips it’s enriched with jojoba oils which make for a comfortable feeling when applying and hours after.

I know a red lipstick isn’t a pregnancy type product but it does make you feel good about yourself when you wear it and that is something that is needed during a time when you are just not feeling yourself!