Las Iguanas – Trafford Centre

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As I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, it’s a tricky time for a restaurant these days. With new places opening and closing every day it’s important to listen to customers and their needs. That’s exactly what Las Iguanas are doing.

Back in my party days I would happily hit up their 241 cocktails and grab a few nachos but now I’m a mum and out at a sensible time what else do they offer?

I’m surprised to say that they cater to kids very well. I’m surprised because I associate Las Iguanas with their cocktails and their Brazilian night-time buzz, but in the daytime, the staff welcome the kids and it’s very family focused!

We head to the Trafford Centre site which I’ve not been to before. It’s situated in a light an airy part of the centre which is away from the crowds and near baby changing facilities. The waitress is lovely and throughout the meal, she makes sure we have everything, she leads us to a table with a high chair ready and a kids menu which doubled up as an activity book.

I order Cora a raspberry milkshake which is made with milk and fruit puree, perfect for the younger ones. For myself I order a Guarana can, I’m told it would give me energy almost like a Red Bull but healthier. It was delicious and keeping within the Brazilian theme… also I need to find out who stocks these because I’m kind of craving one right now as I write.

There is a LOT of choices when it comes to the kid’s menu, anything and everything that a kid would like is on there. Pizza, burgers, tacos and quesadillas. Not being too adventurous as I don’t know how Cora will react day to day I play it safe and order Cod bites, perfectly cooked, served with curly fries and placed with a good portion of colourful salad, I’m very impressed. If your kid is a bit older or more adventurous they can do any adult meal in a smaller portion, you just have to ask. There’s free baby food for the ‘tinies’ as they like to say, I told you, super family, friendly!

The ‘Ninos’ meal is £5.90 and includes a main, dessert and drink!

Armed with her cod bites, some Little Baby Bum nursery rhymes and colouring in to do, Cora is a happy bunny! (not mentioning the meltdown at the end. All Cora wants to do right now is run around so high chairs and prams are becoming an issue! The manager on duty gave her a toy and all was fine again.)

I had to order the obligatory breadboard for my bread addicted daughter straight away. My friend ordered some starters from the tapas section on the main menu for us both to share. Nachos (it’s a tradition) and the star of the show, the mini Chile Dogs. You might have seen them on my Instagram, and there’s hardly a day that goes by where I don’t think about them. It’s true I’m a hot dog fan but these were something else. Chorizo sausages in a brioche bun topped with caramelised onion, pink pickled onions, mustard aioli, crispy onions and chilli. I’m glad I gave the decision making to my friend as I might not have ordered them and that would have been a disaster. I’d go back on my own for one of them… ok four of them haha.

Shout out to the breadboard too because I always expect simple bread but they all seemed handmade with a welcome bit of cornbread I love cornbread. Served warm with dips.

How gorgeous is that salad? I was kind of jealous when my friend ordered it, that’s not like me hence why I ordered the curry looking dish!

I went for an authentic Brazilian Xinxim, chicken and crayfish in a lime and peanut sauce. It is served on a terracotta stand to keep the dish warm. The sides include spring onion rice, green beans and plantain. I didn’t manage to finish it all because it is huge so the waitress happily boxed it up for us to take home! I didn’t have to make dinner later on, so the meal was a winner.

The main menu is packed full of traditional South American food, they all seem so traditional and I would advise going adventurous!

The dessert had to be churros with a dulce de leche dipping sauce, even if you’re full to the brim there’s always room for churros!

Cora had a mini milk which I couldn’t photograph as she was mid-meltdown, but I was happy she liked it. Every child has to have a mini milk at least once in their lives right? What a throwback!


Overall I really enjoyed our visit and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. The way they have not only catered for kids well but the staff really do help you out if there’s a meltdown and that is what every parent needs!


Disclaimer – This meal was generously provided by the Las Iguanas team, but as always all my opinions are my own.