Guest post – Timeless pieces you should buy

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Timeless pieces you should buy

Oh, the sweet fashion worries: what are the items you really need to have in your wardrobe at all times? While there are things which you should definitely buy cheap, as trends change rapidly, there are also pieces worth spending good money on, as these will stay with you for many years and will never go out of style.

A flattering formal skirt

A nice skirt that compliments your figure is something every girl should have in her wardrobe. As our body types differ, so does the type of skirt we chose to wear. Those who have an hourglass figure can wear pretty much any skirt, although high-waist pencil skirts have been popular these past few seasons. Apple-shaped ladies can wear high-waist flouncy skirts which will show off their legs, while pear-shaped women look amazing in classic A-line skirts which emphasise the waist while minimising the width of their hips. Keep in mind that patterned skirts may be popular today, but solid coloured (and especially black) skirts will never go out of style.

Pump heels

A great number of women feel like they can never have enough shoes in their collection. Shoes are amazing – they are stylish, and they can make us look and feel elegant, powerful, and sexy at the same time. As trends change, shoes come and go, but there are shoes that will forever be regarded as elegant and stylish. One of these are classic black pumps in suede or leather because these are sophisticated and go well with pretty much any outfit. Ankle-strap sandals are also a must-have, and if you’re thinking about the right colour, just go with metallic, as these are perfect for an evening look but can also be worn to work.

A little black dress

Pretty much every woman knows that her majesty, a little black dress, is an absolute must-have! The best thing about this dress is the fact that the material and type of dress aren’t as important as the colour is. This means that you can choose a flouncy A-line mini dress, or a form-fitting knee-length lace dress, or even a spaghetti-strapped silk one. As long as it’s black and you feel good wearing it, it’s the right one. You can pair it with colourful shoes and a matching bag to get that ‘party’ look, or opt for a string of pearls and a red lipstick to become femme fatale in an instant. If you want to stand out, pick a dress that has eye-catching details such as interesting sleeves or an embellished belt.

High-quality handbags & purses

Getting your hands on a really good handbag is a smart investment – you might pay a bit more today, but you will wear it for years (or even decades) to come, which is why you should pick it carefully. A nice and discreet clutch bag, as well as an oversized tote bag, are always good to have, but a real lady should also have a lovely saddlebag which can be worn both to the office and when you go out. If you’re not really sure about buying leather but would like something of equal quality, Urban Originals offer great bags made of finest vegan leather.

A classic trench coat

A nice classic trench coat is truly a smart investment, as you will be able to wear it virtually forever, no matter how much you fluctuate in size. The classic A-line silhouette is the best possible choice, as it will cinch you in at the waist and emphasize your curves, and it goes well with everything, from boyfriend jeans to power suits.
With trends changing rapidly, it seems like a good idea to spend as little money on clothes and accessories as possible. While this may be true in some cases, it is always good to keep several high quality, timeless pieces in your wardrobe, because you can be sure that whenever you put them on, you will look like the best fashion designers dressed you.