Festival Food Diaries – Cheese & Iron

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Since I’m hitting up quite a lot of festivals this year I decided I would keep you updated on what food is going around these days.

Food festivals and makers markets have soared in popularity in recent years. We’ve seen a boom in the number of restaurants which have popped up in Manchester alone so there is no denying people want good and fresh food on their doorsteps. But what is more surprising is the number of music festivals which are putting in the effort with the food side of things. With the Instagram and Snapchat audience out and about snapping pictures of their food to share online it’s no surprise the big high street chains are suffering as people now want something unique, something with a story behind it and off the beaten track hidden gems. The chains are picking up on this too which creates an exciting time to be around the hospitality industry, companies everywhere are upping their food game! So how are the festivals doing this?

Back in the day, you’d go to a music festival and you’d question what was around but these days festivals put a lot of effort into finding the right stalls for their event.

I head to a lot of festivals as I sometimes review them, find kid-friendly ones to check out or you may find me helping out my family on a stall called Cheese & Iron, which brings me on to my first post and the inspiration for my new blog series. Festival Food Diaries.

I took an Instagram photo of their Cheese & Marmite toastie a couple of months ago and it had more interactions than most of my other photos last year, I think it’s fair my followers love a good toastie, so here are some more pictures to feast your eyes on.

To start with all toasties are made to order which keeps everything fresh, they lay it on the grill, then place a large iron on top to seal. Everything is on display and cooked in front of you and you’ll see customers lining up just watching the process!

They all come served with salted crisps and a gherkin as standard. Are you a gherkin lover or hater, you can join in that debate at the stall, it’s a hot topic.

Above is the Beefy Blue, three kinds of cheese, corned beef and caramelised chutney. It’s their best seller and one I would definitely recommend!

Check out their Facebook page to see more photos. My top 3 are:

  1. -Cheese and Beans – I could eat cheese and beans toasties all day long!
  2. -Beefy Blue
  3. Tuna Melt

Vegetarians are catered for too which is always welcome at a festival. You can start with an ‘Original’ which is 3 kinds of cheese and they don’t scrimp on the portions. Then there are many add on’s such as caramelised onion chutney, Branston pickles and much more. The staff are more than happy to make suggestions.

Cheese & Iron are mainly found at the free music festivals which are dotted around the UK. So if you have any tickets to the following dates then go say hi to them.

The Big Grill Bury – 14/15th July,

Festwich – 28/29th July,

WV1 Fest – 11/12th August,

The Big Grill Castlefield – 8/9th September.


Do you know of any other great places I should check out? Leave suggestions in the comments below.