Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

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I’ve seen these gift guide blog posts before and I’ve always wanted to do one so this might lead to a gift guide for every holiday and here is the first!

The 2017 Fathers Day Gift Guide (oooh how exciting)

For the Foodie

The Carnivore Club -Starts from £29


The whole reason for this blog post is because i am currently writing a post on The Carnivore club and thought it would make a perfect gift for any dad (keep an eye out for that for more information). The deadline for the Fathers Day classic box has passed but there is still time to get a deluxe special delivery box which looks amazing! And there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to a normal subscription and writing in the card what he’s going to receive, perfect!

For the New Dad’s

 Not on the High street have two perfect picks for new daddy’s out there.

Adventures of dad book – £22 from Not on the High Street

This is what Cora is going to give her daddy this year, it’s a story time book all about the adventures they both get up to and what scary things they might encounter like crocodiles (Marks biggest fear haha). I look forward to watching him read this to her it’s so cute!

The day you became my dad key ring – £14 from Not on the High Street

A key ring is a classic gift and this one is adorable, you can engrave the date your baby was born on it and include a message like ‘the day you became my dad’. Simple and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Just for fun

Sandal socks – £4.99 from Prezzybox

Prezzybox is a website I’ve been using for absolute years, they always have the best things in and what a whopper these are! Just ignore how hairy the legs above are, it’s an image from the website and they don’t belong to me haha.

I want to buy so many of them, i think they’re hilarious and only a fiver!

For the adventurous

Go Karting membership with Team Sport

Get your dad a #GRID Go Karting Club membership card

With the card you receive a 10% discount on all standard priced karting plus a free karting open timed race session on your birthday. You get a loyalty card that gives you a free session when you’ve raced six times, your very own #Grid balaclava and a #Grid Hot Lap time board entry. And you also get entry to exclusive member only #Grid events. So if you dad is competitive and loves a good race this is for them.

There are tracks all around the UK too. We recently visited the one in the MEN arena for my friends birthday, the staff members were so nice and made us feel so welcome. Some of us were nervous about the race but they took the time to make us feel so much better and for that i would love to go again!

For the traveller

Scratch Map – £ 14.99 from Prezzybox

How cool are these? go to a place, scratch it off!

My friend Parisa had one of these on her wall and i’ve loved the idea ever since, any globe trotter would love one too!


Something Special

And of course what gift guide would not include a smelly.

There are two aftershaves which in my opinion smell amazing.

Balmain – £43 for 60ml. £62 for 100ml (House of Fraser)

First off is the the Balmain Homme Eau De Toilette available at House of Fraser. It’s quite pricey for a Eau De Toilette but the scent is strong and will last the day which you usually find in a parfum. It’s a manly and spicy scent which i prefer and sometimes i find myself having a bit of a spritz, don’t tell Mark!

Bleu De Chanel – £67 for 50 ml (The Perfume Shop)

Now this is a scent which bloggers rave about and for good reason, its a good solid scent which is a foolproof gift, unlike that time i bought Joop for my brother when i was a kid… i’ve learnt from that mistake! Now this is pricey but it is a parfum which are normally a higher price because you need only a few sprays.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found something suitable for the dad, granddad or baby daddy in your life!


(All images in this post are free to use and share and provided by Googles images)