Exploring L’Estartit

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I love airports! We arrive at Manchester airport around 4 am, this is epically early and most days we would still be taking in our much needed zzz’s … not today. Not only is the bar quite full but it’s socially acceptable to get the first Cava of your trip in ya belly. LOVE.

Me and Mark are heading to see my parents who live in Spain. We fly to Barcelona and take the train to where they are, L’Estartit.

The Food

 Spain is renowned for it’s tapas so it’d be silly not to head out and find some ASAP. My parents recommend a quaint little bar in the town which is a favourite among the locals and bizarrely not found on any review sites. It’s called Milonet and is situated near the cathedral.


IMG_2372 (2)




Yes, the portions look huge. That would be because instead of ordering tapas sizes, we ordered the large plates. Rookie mistake!

Spanish food is about sharing with family and friends but nobody wanted to try my scary looking octopus plate! No idea why, too out there? Whenever I’m near the seaside I make it a priority to order seafood, it’s so much more flavoursome and fresh, you cannot beat it.


Daytime Activities


The Par 3 driving range is a short drive from our house and for only 1 Euro for a basket of golf balls even I (the worst crazy golf player ever) had a go. I got through my basket quicker than Mark and my parents so that makes me the winner right? Ok so there are no actual scores at a Driving range but it’s safe to say I needed another basket and some patience.

 The Nature Reserve

IMG_2433 IMG_2434

IMG_2435 IMG_2430

We came across this nature reserve as we were walking to the beach, how beautiful is it?

It’s the perfect setting for a picnic whilst you’re trying to spot the local wildlife. We saw some ducks and a cat so maybe next time we should bring some binoculars!


The cat

The cat


Night Activities

Not going to lie, most of our nights were spent in the local bowling alley called Bowling Panorama. Pictured here.

It was like being transported into the past, the lanes were made of actual wood and the balls were so old it feels like you’re an extra in The Flintstones…And we loved it!

On the side of the lanes is a separate room filled with 80’s arcade games and pool tables, hardly anybody was there so we hopped from one to other. We felt like kids except we were armed with bottles of Estrella Damn.