Drugstore Haul: mainly L’oreal

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Who doesn’t love a good rummage around Boots and Superdrugs in their spare time? Crazy people, that’s who!

So my day off arrives and i have my friend Tanya by my side and the first stop is… Vapiano… ok, ok we always do food first it’s practically the law.

So with full tummies and happy faces we head to Superdrug. I know i want something from the Tanya Burr range but i did not expect an army of teenagers and kids swarming the Youtubers section. I expected to do a bit of fighting at the NYX stand later on in Boots.

There’s not much left in the Burr section and there is no sign of the new Soft Luxe range. I want to pick up the ‘Martha Moo’ lip gloss but i settle for the ‘Just Peachy’ shade.


This shade is so pretty and wearable it impresses me with the only downside being that the brush is a little flimsy. I don’t reach for nudes normally as i find them harder to wear than the bolds, but this surprisingly suits my skin tone and i will be back to discover more in the future.


The Tanya Burr range also has eyeshadows that i’ve been wanting to try for a while. I must admit i saw Zoella wearing them and the fact that they are only £5 i have nothing to lose.

The packaging looks a little child like but the shadow inside is very much something you’d see on a L’oreal stand. They are really pigmented and i can’t wait to try different styles out on my eyes most probably with a Burr tutorial on in the background!


(Swatches above: Left is NYX, Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp. The right is Tanya Burr’s Lip Gloss in Just Peachy)

Mascara is the next thing on my list and L’oreal immediately comes to mind. The last few times i’ve bought mascara i’ve been disappointed so i decide to go with a brand i trust. Tanya recommends the False Lash Sculpt one so i pick it up with no hesitation.



So far i’m happy with this mascara, the wand is plastic which can put a few people off. I tend to find plastic wands are harder to brush through your lashes with. You really need to make sure every bit of the last coat of mascara is off before you attempt a new coat so now I need to pick up a new eye make up remover, it’s like glue! Does anyone have any recommendations?

Sticking with the L’oreal theme i pick up the Infallible Matte foundation in 010 Porcelain. Now i usually stay clear of anything Matte as i have very dry skin but bloggers have been raving about it and commenting on how dewy it is weirdly.

As soon as it touches my face i’m instantly won over, it glides onto my skin easily and it leaves a flawless finish. It’s replacing my Estee Lauder Foundation Youth Perfectionist foundation, and honestly i think it does a better job. The Lauder one shows my dry patches clearly and i find this one doesn’t and for £30 cheaper that’s a success!


One thing i don’t have enough of at home is eyeshadow palettes so i make an effort to check some out today.

Above is the Maybelline Blushed Nudes, how cute is it? Nudes are having a moment right now and especially ones with shimmer running through them so i have to have it. So much so that after being disappointed that the shelves were empty Tanya routes through the drawer below to find one. Friend goals!

It’s lucky we didn’t get chucked out really!

Next we head to Boots.


In this blog post i must have mentioned L’oreal so many times that we can just go ahead and assume i have an addiction. But honestly have you seen how gorgeous the palette above is?

The packaging looks high end and the colours are right up my street. This was my most favourite purchase of the day.

I take it home only to find that the colours do not transfer well onto the skin at all. I find i have to pack a few coats of colour onto my eyelids before getting a decent shade. You could do a ‘100 coats’ video with this and look natural. Total fail.

The bright side (no pun intended) is that it makes for a nice display piece on a dressing table.



And of course my shopping trip would not be complete without visiting the much hyped up NYX stand.

I pick up one of the ‘Soft matte lip creams’ in Antwerp. Again not a colour i would usually go for but this just seems so summery and after a quick swatch it feels very velvety.

I cannot recommend this product enough and the hype surrounding the brand is deserved as the prices are affordable and the colour range seems endless.