Brunchin’ on a Sunday

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11am what a time to be … asleep.

My Sunday mornings are usually either spent in bed or (before pregnancy) coming home from a Saturday night. But when an invite comes your way to spend a Sunday morning eating food and drinking coffee you can’t say no!

Sarah aka SequinThis invited me to Northern Quarter’s Pen and Pencil this week and i couldn’t resist. I’ve heard a lot about the brunch there and to be honest i want to be one of those people that do brunch and say brunch, like the Sex and the City cast, or i should say Mad Men as the venue is named after the famous Manhattan eatery favoured by ad men!

OMG i have ONLY just this minute realised why Mad Men is called Mad Men… they’re AD MEN duhhh. I managed to watch 6 seasons of the show and still not put that together, oh dear!

So after that bombshell, let me tell you about the morning.



Not only is the menu packed with great food options but the smoothie list looks insane, so i go for the ‘Welcome to Americana’ a drink packed with peanut butter, banana, chilli, maple syrup and soya. The waiter says this is a good choice which makes me happy and he even asks if i’d like to keep the chilli in it as it has a bit of a kick. I decide to stick with it, i’m not the bravest with chilli but i take the risk.

It is so good, the chilli is barely detectable and the peanut butter takes over the taste buds. I’m a fan!



Food wise i go for a classic. Pancakes!

I have been craving pancakes all week so to see them on the menu makes for an easy choice! The two options of pancakes are with Syrup and bacon or fresh berries. I go for the bacon obviously, an even easier decision.

The pancakes are drop pancakes instead of the crepe style lots of other places tend to use and you can tell they’re are homemade. You get three and they are literally swimming in homemade caramel syrup and then topped with salty bacon.

I couldn’t ask for more … i lie, i had such a sweet tooth that morning that i wanted to add on French toast! How greedy? And with Sarah’s help we decide against that.

Which brings me onto the next place….

Black Milk Cereal Dive!


Sarah decides she wants to go to Affleck Palace, a place we’ve both not been to in years. And with my sweet tooth still shouting at me i remember that there’s a cereal place called Black Milk inside. I’ve been stalking Black Milk on Instagram since they opened and i just knew my sweet tooth would be happy.

It’s a small cafe unit situated on the third floor of Afflecks and the interior is jam packed with cereal boxes, most of which i’ve never even heard of before.

I decide on a cereal and Sarah decides to ”go a bit lighter” and choose a milkshake. And well you can see from the photo above how that turned out! The milkshakes give Home Sweet Home a run for their money and my cereal choice turned out to be the lighter choice… i knew i should have gone for the edible chocolate bowl!

On the front page of the impressively illustrated menu is the 3 steps to create your bowl of cereal:

Step 1: Choose your bowl.

This is were i decide that after pancakes i should really get a bowl i can’t eat and i choose a glass sundae bowl.

Step 2: Choose your cereal cocktail.

The choices listed here are impressive, i thought i knew a thing or two about cereal as i start most mornings off with two bowls of the stuff. But no, you’re not going to be bogged down with Corn flakes or even my favourite cereal Weetos, they have lots of imports such as the ever classic Lucky Charms!

I go for the American Allstar sundae. This consists of Lucky Charms, Reese’s puff’s & pieces, Capn’ Crunch and Cookie dough balls. Then they add Oreos, giant marshmallows and M&M’s just because they can!

Step 3: Pimp it

This is a step i didn’t actually take but the cafe decided i was silly not taking it so a waiter brought me over a chocolate shot straight from the chocolate fountain. And well i didn’t complain… in fact i quickly poured it on in case this was a mistake!

Sarah goes for the impressive Triple Oreo Cheesecake High Rise Shake. How amazing does it look? She even says it was the best cheesecake she’s ever had. I don’t know if she was just having a sugar crisis but she said it!