Being Thrifty with Giff Gaff Money

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This blog post is starting with a little life update as i’ve recently give up my job working in a restaurant to focus on my blog and to start vlogging! Sounds scary? It is!

When Giff Gaff money invited me to an event where they gave you tools on how to be thrifty i jumped at the chance. Gone are the days where i can head to Selfridges and pick out an eye shadow and i darn’t let myself walk passed a Space NK anymore, i need to be smart with my money from now on. If i have a spare few pounds it needs to go on food for the family or i can put it towards a fancy date night. First i’ll talk you through what i learnt from this event and following on from this i’ll be doing blog posts on more ways to be thrifty when i have figured out what they are… the hard way!

We all know Giff Gaff as the mobile provider who changed the way we think about phone contracts, it’s a brand that really do put people first. They know how easy it is to be trapped in a contract or even get yourself into debt with a phone provider. So it makes sense that their next step is to help people save money and plan for their future. Their new game plan website allows you to see your credit report, make a plan on how to save for whatever it is you want to save for and it even lets you talk with experts who will give you some handy advice.

The event i went to was like a real life experience of that, the room of bloggers were separated into three groups and we had three workshops to attend. First up for my team was the cookery class held by a local catering company Herbs & Spices. I was so happy about this because it was morning and i was getting hangry. We were shown how to make a simple vegan dish that was flavoursome and very cheap to make. Not going to lie a lot of us were impressed with how easily the guy chopped up a butternut squash… but i mean… it was impressive. I usually get a knife wedged into the middle and call for help to get it back out. Anyway he showed us how to prepare a filo pastry dish with cous cous, it was super easy and tasted delicious. Going forward a way of saving money is to cut out the meat, you are not skipping any flavour doing so!

Next up we were shown by Hannah from Tea & Crafting how to make our own necklaces out of strips of old t shirts! Yep, old t shirts!

It was pretty difficult to get the hang of finger knitting (something i didn’t know existed before the event) but when you get the hang of it, it’s really simple. Some of the girl’s had great colour matches and we even decided to use them as headbands for the rest of the event, making these a great style piece for a future festival too.

Any old piece of clothing can be cut into strips to make these. I love to give my clothes to charity shops but it’s nice to know that if something is too worn for there then i can utilise it another way!

Then we had a talk with the Giff Gaff team, they presented some information to us which made us think about our spending habits and they even quizzed us on how much we knew about money. Credit building, credit scores and even how potential employers can do a credit search on you. The whole talk really did make me sit up and listen, i joined the website when i got home and from now on i’ll be taking my credit score a lot more seriously!

And finally we had the clothes swap, i’ve been to a few of these in the past and i love them so much! The idea is that you bring along items from your wardrobe and are given a ticket. For every ticket you have you can pick out something from the rail. Anybody can throw a clothes swap, it’s a great idea for people who want to change up their style and it doesn’t cost a thing.

I came out with two dresses and a top. All items were then brought on holiday with me the following week which was such a life saver as i had no summer clothes at all.

I hope this blog post has motivated you to be more savvy with your money. I will be doing more posts in the future but until then a great starting point is to check your credit score with Giff Gaff. It’s completely free and will guide you towards your goal!