ASK Italian – Manchester

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Situated in a part of Manchester i try to avoid… Piccadilly Gardens, is an ASK Italian. Now don’t get me wrong Piccadilly is better these days than it used to be and this is mainly down to the new restaurants that have opened up around there. On the same row as ASK you have other respectable chain brands such as Barburrito and each restaurant is fitted out with the most Pinterest worthy interiors.

The reason we went to ASK was because i saved up hundreds of Tesco Clubcard points which equalled to £50 worth of vouchers at ASK. Usually when i receive that many points i head straight to a Pizza Express but this time i thought i’d try somewhere i’d never been. ASK is where the old Kro bar used to be, i liked that place but it was huge and barely full so it makes sense that the unit is now split into two, Byron share the other half.

The Starters





Before our starters we opt for bread sticks which are peppered with chilli flakes and served with N’duja sausage and butter dip. Now i am expecting some thin and dry bread sticks that you crack out at Christmas time but these are a generous serving of warm dough sticks with just enough spice on them to keep me happy. The sausage and butter dip was something I’ve never tried before, it is gorgeous and it compliments the dough perfectly.

For my starter i choose the Insalata Caprese. Every time i see this salad on a menu i go for it as i adore mozzarella, preferably Buffalo but this dish uses cows milk. You can taste the difference which i can only assume is why there is also a ricotta salata cheese grated on top. This could make the dish too cheesy (if there is such a thing) but the two cheese used are very light and they really go well together .

Mark goes for the beef and chilli meatballs which are coated in breadcrumbs and served with a spicy tomato and basil dip. These taste better than they look, packed with flavour and a hint of spice to make a perfect choice.

The Mains




Unfortunately the mains let this meal down. The service, the company, the interior and the music were all on point but the when we go again (which we will because the starters and desserts were amazing) we will not be choosing a dish from the ‘Meat & Fish’ section of the menu.

Pollo Milanese is my choice, it’s a breaded chicken breast served with a mushroom sauce and roasted new potatoes. It’s just a bit ordinary and as you can see from the photos a bit overdone and the same goes for Marks dish of Pork Belly Porchetta. Such a shame as we were excited for the mains the most.

Shout out to the waitress that served us as she noticed we didn’t like our mains and apologised. She even went as far as taking one of our desserts off the bill for us so we didn’t go over our £50 budget. Legend!

The Dessert



Choosing a dessert in this place is so difficult, everything sounds so good and i want everything! I settle on Ice cream profiteroles, i’m quite partial to a profiterole and i need something cool and light to finish off a heavy meal. Next time though i NEED to get the Chocolate Lava Mountain!!

Mark chooses the Honeycomb cheesecake that i don’t get to taste… why does this keep happening to me? looks good though and he’s happy with his choice.

Overall i would go back to ASK , the service was great and everything apart from the mains was amazing. I recommend it to anyone wanting a quiet date night or a day out with friends if only to sample every dessert on the menu!