An Open Post

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As it stands we are all facing a truly hard time together. Nobody knows what is upon us but we do know to get through this we need to stay home and save lives.

The past few days I have been scrolling the internet, the same old social sites trying to find some sort of direction.
What I have come to understand is that the only rules we should be following are the ones set out by the government.
This time at home can be spent however you want, if you want to be productive you can, if you want to so sit on the couch for three weeks that’s ok too. Some people are at home alone in isolation, some people are at home with 5 kids, others may be in situations we can’t even imagine so it’s important to stop comparing, stop the pressure and try to stick together.

Over the next few days I may use my blog to write how I’m feeling, what tips I find helpful whilst isolating or I may not write at all. Who knows! We don’t know what’s around the corner.

Anyway, I popped on today because personally I find writing is the best way to battle my own mental health and I would love to help others too. Other bloggers are battling with themselves right now whether they should post or not and I feel like they should, positive posts are what keeps me going and hopefully you guys are here too for that same reason! If you see a blogger posting away, hit the share/like button or give them a little comment. It really helps!

On my page, I’m going to (try) and keep it light, the basics. Meal ideas, skincare routines, how to entertain the little ones (when I figure that one out myself) and pretty much anything that comes to mind. No planning just taking each day as it comes.

Let me know how everyone is getting on? Is there anything you would like to share? Or would you like a chat, my inbox is always open.