A Winter Wedding in Wilmslow feat. Hallmark Hotel

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My oldest friend Claire got married towards the end of last year and i was super excited to receive an invite, the first thing i did was book a room at the Hallmark Hotel in Wilmslow. The wedding was not held here but down the road at a local golf club.

In the past i have treated other friends to spa nights at this hotel, they have great ‘girls night in’ offers which include a spa treatment, bed, breakfast AND dinner at an unbeatable price. This time i stayed with Mark and they didn’t seem to have an offer that suited us so we paid £200 for 2 nights which included one dinner and breakfast. Now i think this is quite pricey compared to its previous deals and was a little reluctant to book, but being so close to the wedding venue and being a favourite place to visit in the past i booked it.

Here’s how we got on.

The Room



We booked a standard double room which was comfy and quiet and just what you would expect. Free hot drinks were available like every good hotel room and came with essentials including free wifi.

Most hotel rooms offer a pricey room service but this one also had the option of a pizza takeaway, if we didn’t have dinner booked i totally would do that, pizza on the bed with a good film and you can even order popcorn! Perfect!



When i know i have a bath in my hotel room i will without a doubt bring a Lush bath bomb. My bath bomb of choice was the Fizzbanger, a lemoney yellow bomb that turns green and leave a batman like ‘bang’ note in the bath. One of my faves!

Unfortunately the bath was a bit small and grubby round the edges, this wasn’t a cleaning issue, just a maintenance one. Big baths are better for a romantic stay… just to bear that in mind lol.





If you have read my previous food blogs you’ll notice that if i see a Caprese salad on a menu i will choose it. Now this one was a bit short on the mozzarella but the dish was delicious and beautifully presented. Mark chose the chicken skewers marinated in a honey and mustard glaze and served with a soy and rice wine dip. The menu has a wide range of food inspired by many different countries. This is something i like in a menu as you can mix it up and this is what you will notice with our choices!




Beer battered fish and chips was my choice, i chose this the previous two times too. It’s just so good and would give a seaside cafe a run for its money.

Mark went for the Spiced Lamb Tagine served with a fruit couscous and natural yogurt. Considering the cold weather outside this was a perfect hearty meal.




We both wanted banana splits, i don’t know why it’s one of my fave desserts, must be a childhood thing! We decided to share desserts so the other choice was the rich chocolate tart.

Both desserts were a let down, the banana wasn’t ripe and it was too hard. The tart tasted a bit strange and you can see from the picture above it looks twisted and messy. Such a shame!

The Wedding

Here are a few pics from the wedding.