3 Ingredient Croissants

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During lock down i find it all too easy to throw away the first few hours of the day just wandering around wondering how to spend our time together. Some days we just do our standard routine but there are a few stand out days in which we surprise ourselves and learn something new. This is one of those days.

Who knew you could make a tasty breakfast treat with just three ingredients? You can go a step further and make the dough yourself, which is something i’d like to try but i’ve seen enough Great British Bake Off episodes to know i’m going to need a day where my motivation and patience level is high!

Scroll down to see how we made these.


  • 1 roll of ready rolled Puff Pastry
  • A filling of your choice. We chose Milk Chocolate & Morrison’s Hazelnut, White Chocolate spread which tastes like the middle of a Kinder Bueno!!
  • 1 beaten egg mixed with a drop of water


  • Roll out the pastry onto a clean surface, our roll included the baking paper so we could work straight onto that.
  • Cut out triangles using a pizza cutter or a large sharp knife.
  • Place your filling at the larger end of the triangle as shown above. To ensure the pastry closes properly, use your finger to run a line of water across the top and the bottom of the triangle (only on the side facing upwards).
  • Starting from the widest end of the triangle start to roll towards the tip until you get the above crescent moon shape. Ensure all toppings are locked in by pressing the ends of the dough together.
  • Using a brush, apply a light egg wash cover the pastry.
  • Transfer onto a baking tray.
  • Cook for 40 – 50 minutes on a 180c heat.

That’s it!

Hopefully i’ve explained it well enough, we originally found this on a Facebook advert which had details and measures but i lost it. We re-made these yesterday and found there’s no need to measure and faff around, keep it simple and use your eye.

This will definitely become a household recipe, Cora liked them so that’s a win. Next time i’ll get her to join in, easier than cupcakes that’s for sure!