10 Things That Make Me Happy

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Southern Mummy tagged me to do a ’10 things that make me happy’ tag and  i quickly got a list together!

The task of getting out my notepad and writing down all the things that make me happy was like a therapy session, i came up with loads and so for this post to keep it simple i’ve kept out my family, friends, my cat and Cora (Mark is in the featured photo as a cheeky extra).

OF COURSE they make me happy, they’re the best things in my life and you can see them all on my social media accounts…. they’re everywhere!

Here is my list (in no particular order):

Looking at old photos 

Is there anything better than spending a few hours looking at old photos? I just love it and i never really plan to, it’s usually a procrastinating thing really, i’ll start off importing photos and then i’ll be lost in a maze of old ones. Past nights out, old friends, holidays and some dodgy disposable camera ones, i love them all.

Here is me and Sarah aka Sequin This in the Alps dressed as idiots as per.


Day Trips

So you wake up and realise you have no plans, your partner or your friend has no plans and that’s when it happens. You book a train journey to anywhere, nobody knows what’s ahead of you and you thrive of the spontaneity. They are the days you remember.

Liverpool 2015 is still the one to beat. WE’RE ON A BOAT.


Getting to the last page of a book

My reading skills are quite poor and it’s something i continue to improve on. So reaching the last page in the book i’m reading is an achievement! Especially the one i’m currently reading by J K Rowling, The Casual Vacancy it’s like a million pages long and i feel like i’ve been reading it for AGES.

I’m also on the Goodreads app which tracks what you’re currently reading, gives you recommendations for future reads and you can see what your friends are reading.

Ok so the picture above is a photo of a book but one with a Pokemon on so that might explain why it takes me so long. I’m the procrastinating queen.


A clean home

Before Cora i’d be at home maybe one day a week, i used my room as a hotel. My life was working in hospitality, studying and staying out most nights, so i never took much pride in my room at all. Now for the first time i have a home and one with a family in, it’s still strange to say and i try to keep my home tidy as much as possible!

I’ve not mastered the cooking side to family life yet but at least the washing basket is empty.



I love chocolate and everyone knows it and i could have chose that and wrote a whole paragraph about it, but i went for treats. Treats are what you buy when you know you probably shouldn’t. Like a sneaky bar of chocolate when you have a fridge full of veggies or a pair of shoes when you don’t have the space. And this month my treat was the sample subscription from The Cocoa & Roast Club. I bought my mate Sarah the subscription pack for her birthday and after her Instagram photo i decided to get in on the action.

YASSSS my coffee machine is back in action and i LOVE the chocolate selection. I need cute coffee cups now… that can be next months treat!



My nights on the town have dwindled down to about one a month so i needed a new way to meet my friends with Cora by my side and hello lunch times!

They need to be planned weeks in advance but since becoming pregnant my friends have been amazing and they love seeing Cora. I’ve discovered lunch menus for the first time, shout out to Artisan with the best one (although Tanya told me they’re changing it soon) a Starter, main and drink for £9.95 and the food is insane. Another fave is Black Milk, oh my goodness the Easter Egg treat as shown above was amazing. Next up is Sugar Rays for Waffle Wednesdays so keep your eyes peeled for that post!



Ah baking, something you’ll see a lot of on my blog and i’m getting quite good at it. I only need a bit of help from Mark these days haha. I mean who wouldn’t get help from someone with qualifications in cooking and baking and chocolate making. He’s a keeper 🙂

Above is a South African Milk Tart… a big egg custard really!


Make up

Make up is amazing, i’m so obsessed with the stuff. I could sit on my bedroom floor organising and playing with new and old products. I watch Youtube tutorials and i read endless blogs about new launches. I even have a qualification in Fashion and Photographic make up. Everyone needs a hobby right?


Cinema dates

When i was younger i’d visit the cinema 4+ times a week, i even used to work in a cinema and i would watch up to 5 movies a DAY. Now we have Cora and we don’t get to go often but now when we do i feel like i love it even more, i don’t even care if the movie is rubbish. Cuddling up to Mark and a super large popcorn is a good way to spend a day!

Above is a picture of The Gallery at The Odeon, sadly it’s not there anymore as The Vue bought out the space but it was soooo good, unlimited food and a licensed viewing balcony, lush!



I don’t know if its because i’m nosey but i love hotel rooms, on some holidays i’ll book a few different hotels rooms just so i can have a selection. I mean just look at the one above, this is The Wild Boar in Kendal and the food in the restaurant is even better!

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