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Guest Post: Fasolia by Booberrit

I’m very excited about having Naomi from Booberrit on my blog today. She knows a thing or two about keeping the family happy and today she is sharing a Greek recipe! I’m looking forward to making this at home myself because it looks delicious. If any of you guys try this at home, please tag…

A Manchester Tart Inspired Doughnut

To celebrate National Doughnut week the guys at Domu asked me to create a Manchester themed doughnut! I wanted to do a Vimto doughnut, Mark suggested a Manchester Bee one but¬†It was my sister Joanne that threw in the idea of a Manchester Tart and as soon as she said it i thought yes. A…

Rock Painting on a Budget

The rock painting craze is well and truly under way. It’s now a world wide craze that’s getting communities closer together and it’s good fun! Firstly you find the Facebook group in your local area that has set up the challenge, mine is Heywood Rocks which is set up by the Heywood in Bloom team….

The Clarence – Bury

It’s been a few years since i moved from Manchester to Heywood and i can honestly say i still don’t really know my surroundings. Instead of taking drives around the area, exploring new eateries and walks we discovered Bury and it stuck. The Clarence in Bury is one of the main reasons why! It’s a…

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