Sugar Rays – Manchester NQ

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Hot dogs and waffles and cocktails and even Guinness, this place hits my top 10 list of eateries hard!

A few months back i stumbled across the Instagram page of Sugar Rays and instantly tagged Sarah (my partner in dessert crime) and i wasn’t expecting her reaction. Probably three times a week she tagged me in their pictures and oh my what glorious pictures they are.

No idea how or why it then took a few months to get here but it was worth the wait.


As i walk down the steps the first thing i notice is how dark it is, i mean seriously my eyes took a good few minutes to adjust and i think that led to some dodgy stares at the bar staff! That aside i noticed the music secondly, 90’s RnB… i mean, did they get my memo or something? I LIVE for 90’s RnB, a bit of Nelly and Kelly, old school Beyonce and Usher wooohoo. Just writing this makes me want to go back!

We planned to only have waffles, but the amazing waitress (wish i got her name, i’ll just go back ) brought us both a couple of cocktails and a hot dog for free. All because they just did a shoot for their social media, I told you this place is awesome!

The cocktail menu is huge and they create specials weekly. I recommend the Baby Bee Mine, it’s delicious and totally Instagramable.

Now i already have a favourite hot dog place, Dogs n Dough so i have high expectations, but going here made me believe that there is room for two good places in Manchester!

We recieved the Ballgame hotdog and it’s topped with ALL the onions, fried onions, caramelised onions and crispy shallots. Amazing.

At first i thought this place would be perfect for a first date because it’s so dark and cosy but then when i went outside i realised i had mustard stains on my hands and god knows where else and didn’t realise till i was home. So the darkness is good but also bad haha!

The waffles!

Oh my would you just look at them!

Sarah opted for the Cookies and Cream – Cookies, chocolate ice cream, Nutella, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and crushed Oreos. While i went for the Fairground ride waffles – Chocolate and vanilla ice cream , bubblegum sauce, marshmallows, popcorn, whipped cream and topped off with candy floss!

They are as good as they look and i was on for finishing them but then i failed and the sugar rush hit me… i would do it all again in a heartbeat.

On a Wednesday next time because then they’re 2 for £10. Bargain!


Hope you’ve enjoyed the post, if you have any recommendations of dessert places let me know in the comments 🙂