Rock Painting on a Budget

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The rock painting craze is well and truly under way. It’s now a world wide craze that’s getting communities closer together and it’s good fun!

Firstly you find the Facebook group in your local area that has set up the challenge, mine is Heywood Rocks which is set up by the Heywood in Bloom team. If your area doesn’t have one try searching for the county or set one up yourself!

The idea is you find unpainted rocks first, paint them, add the Facebook group name on the back, go around your area and hide them for people to find. It’s so simple!

It’s so nice when you check the Facebook group and see somebody has found yours or you might find a few and post pictures yourself. The group i’m in is growing daily and the art on some rocks is amazing. I like to think of it as a cave mans Pokemon Go haha. It’s a great day out for the whole family and it costs next to nothing. You can go all out an buy the best of everything but i thought i’d share what i’ve been doing!

Step 1 – Join the Facebook group

This is the step that’s most important as this is where you find out key information such as, where to find rocks, keeping it environmentally friendly (so no googly eyes) and you can find inspiration for designs.

Step 2 – Find unpainted rocks

Now you would think this would be the easiest step but it’s not. Now the craze is sweeping fast, it’s actually really hard to find unpainted ones! There are key rules too such as ‘Do not steal from peoples gardens’ and ‘Don’t take from displays in garden centres’ simple but needed rules.

Step 3 – Decide on a design

I use the Facebook group to guide me but i also use Pinterest.

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to designing anything as you can create a mood board for just about everything, here’s my rock painting board if you’d like to have a nosy.

Step 4 – Paint your rocks

Instead of spending money on the best of paints and brushes i saved a lot of money by using up old make up brushes that were destined for the bin and i use old nail varnish that either doesn’t suit me or are way past their expiration date and have no idea why i still have them. This way i’m being resourceful and also they are working out really well so i’m sharing the tip. For more paint colours i went to B&Q for tester paints and to my surprise they were selling them off for 10p! I stocked up and passed the info onto the Facebook group too. The pots are really good because the colour payoff is amazing and most have brushes attached which makes them hassle free. Sharpies are a great tool for illustrating the rocks but more importantly do not forget to varnish them as this will weatherproof your designs.





Step 5 – Hide your rocks

In Heywood you can literally hide them anywhere but keeping it to parks and countryside areas are popular as this can create a good family day out or in our case because Cora is a bit too young yet it makes mine and Marks walks more interesting. Cora does look at us strangely when one of us runs into a field excitedly!

Step 6 – Go find other rocks

Ok so you’re now empty handed because you’ve hid all your rocks but now is another fun time of trying to find other peoples rocks. Honestly time flies too and shortly your phone will be congratulating you on reaching 10000 steps!

Step 7 – Post on the group

When you find a rock it’s a good idea to post the picture on the Facebook Group. There’s nothing better than seeing your creation in another persons hands and where it ends up. My first rock that i painted has a quote that is very special to me on it and it’s nice to see other people smiling when they’ve found it.

Final step – Re-hide the rocks

Try not to take the rocks home, the idea is you hide them that day so the park doesn’t become empty and you want people to enjoy their experience too. Find places that are tricky but not too tricky and places that are safe!


Let me know if you guys do this or are planning to. Leave any tips you might have that could help other people if you have any!