A baby on a plane

In July we travelled to Ireland to visit family. It is Cora’s first holiday abroad and we chose to fly Ryan Air with only hand luggage because we’re frugal AF. What could go wrong? Well actually it all went quite smoothly and here’s why: Choosing the hand luggage option Backpacks are your best friend, pack…

Sugar Rays – Manchester NQ

Hot dogs and waffles and cocktails and even Guinness, this place hits my top 10 list of eateries hard! A few months back i stumbled across the Instagram page of Sugar Rays and instantly tagged Sarahย (my partner in dessert crime) and i wasn’t expecting her reaction. Probably three times a week she tagged me in…

Bundobust Manchester

Blink and you might miss this place! Located in Piccadilly Gardens this place looks tiny on the outside but once you’re down the stairs the place is filled with long tables and booths leading to a bar specialising in craft beer. The cocktail menu is impressive with an Indian twist, we choose two Dharu Lassi’s,…

What’s on my Netflix?

I’ve replaced my party shoes with slippers and i thought you’d like an insight into what i’m watching on Netflix right now. (There are no spoilers in this post) My ‘continue watching for Rosaleen’ include: Mad Men (Season 7, episode 4) The advertising world in the 60’s and focused around the very cool Don Draper….

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