Our Little Linky – 15/09/18 Feat. Booberrit

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Hi, Naomi here (with Rosaleen)!
Welcome to week two of Our Little Linky. And what a week it’s
been! We hope everyone has by now eased back into the new school year. I’m
torn between lamenting over the death of an epic summer and welcoming in
the Autumn with snuggly, wrapped up arms!
This week with the kids all back to routine, I’ll be linking up with
my Play Dough recipe. Every minute you can grab to yourself (before you’re
out the door to pick up this one and that) is precious! Having homemade
playdough in the fridge is a cheap, foolproof way to ensure your coffee
gets at least half drunk!
My featured article this week comes from jewellery maker and mother
of four, Abigail Franklyn of Wishknots. Who posted her
guide to caring for gemstones. What about you Rosaleen?
Well, if you’re a custard tart fan why not try this traditional South
African dessert recipe (that I’ll be posting). It has a divine topping of
cinnamon and brown sugar and it is a staple family favourite of ours. This
tart is the perfect transitional bake. It is served cold but has all the
flavours you expect in an autumnal dish.
My featured article this week has to be the ingenious “dad hack” by
Giannis Oikonomou.
Why waste time looking for bibs when tea towels and pegs are all you need!
Enjoy linking up, Rosaleen.


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