NYE 15: Food Fight MCR

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New Years Eve.

Who made this a thing? I’m still in my onesie snacking on Christmas pudding and people want me to party?

See me and New Years have a love/hate relationship. Just going to throw this out there… countdowns scare me! I get too exited, 10..9…ahh what happens at 1? who’s going to kiss who? Is the club hiding a huge glitter canon that erupts at¬†1?

This year was a bit special, there was no countdown for a start, which left everybody confused and some people to boo (I enjoyed that moment it was hilarious). Where did I go? Have I said that yet? I went to Friday Food Fight!

Friday Food Fight has everything I’m looking for in a night out. Food, booze, DJ’s and more food, but most importantly I had good friends around me. At ¬£6 a ticket including a ‘fistful of Prosecco’ it’s a great deal to tempt your mates with!


After quickly eyeing up what’s on offer, I grab a gal pal and head straight to the Fabulous Burger Boys. There’s no queue, score! I opt for a¬†‘Proper Manc’ and head to the collection point. Uh oh, here’s the queue. 20 minutes later we’re finally at the front only to see arguments erupting between staff members.

Being the only burger joint in this place it was bound to happen, you can’t beat a good burger and they had LOADS on order.

The burger was, well, I have to be honest, I can’t remember it. As soon as I got it I cut it in half, gave¬†half to¬†Mark, scoffed¬†mine and rushed to my next destination.

Belly Pork Gau Bao


Now this stall really didn’t have a queue, not even sneaky ones.

Tummy still rumbling I order the Belly Pork Gau Bau (a Chinese steamed bun) and there was no waiting around, my food was handed to me before I even pay. Excited by this and egged on by Mark I add the pork & prawn Won Tons to my order.

Before I put the¬†food to my lips my friends shouts across the table/barrel ”They’re amazing.” She¬†is right, the sweetness of the bun complimented the pork belly perfectly.

The Won Tons were my personal favourite. Back in the ol’ days no chip shop trip was complete without Won Tons, but this isn’t a chippy, this is street food. Street food is making waves in the MCR food scene these days and I’m all for it!



Poffertjes King, please don’t ask me to say this name in real life I have no idea, they’re basically little Dutch pancakes! Usually I do my homework before a Food Fight event, checking tweets and websites to see everybodys menus… I like to get excited beforehand. This time I didn’t, but my friend did link me to a Poffertjes tweet. A magical tweet with pictures of pancakes and waffles and edible gold. Wait what? Yes that’s right, their NYE special dessert was mini pancakes covered in white chocolate sauce, Nutella, gold balls, cream AND EDIBLE GOLD AND SILVER.

It was heaven and a total show stopper.



Have you ever been to Food Fight? Let me know in the comments ūüôā