Complete PT Solutions Day 1 – AD

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Today is the day i start my 6 weeks work out plan. On a Thursday of all days!

A few weeks back Complete PT Solutions contacted me about a potential partnership with them, the idea is that i complete a 6 week personal training scheme and document my journey. I spoke with the owner Mark and he explained it is an online package where i will be given a list of exercises which have been designed for people who can’t get to a gym and have to work out at home and it comes with the ability to contact Mark himself with any questions and help.

This sounds perfect to me as i have limited ‘me time’ and i prioritise meeting friends and date nights over the gym. In the past year i have tackled mentally and physically draining issues such as having a baby and being diagnosed with epilepsy to name just a couple.

The baby side of things meant that i haven’t exercised in nearly two years due to being terrified to do so when pregnant and post baby i’m just so tired, unmotivated and occasionally my tummy still hurts. The epilepsy side of things means that if i over exert myself i am most likely to have a seizure so understandably i’m scared to do too much.

These things combined meant that post baby i stayed in, watched a lot of telly and ate a lot of crap. This lead to PND (which i won’t go into on this post) and going up a dress size. Pre baby i was a size 12 bottom and size 14 top and remained that way through pregnancy, it’s actually after having the baby that i put more weight on. My life has changed and i’m not as active as i once was, my eating habits are terrible but i’m not going to lie i’m never going to one of those people that are healthy AF… i’m going to eat cake, but i in order to stay physically and mentally healthy i need to get moving!

My goal is to get back to a size 14 top and 12 bottom which for me is the body type i like and realistic. My problem area is my tummy, people still give up their seats occasionally on public transport and you what i bloody take it. Might as well enjoy the perks of it! (And on a serious note if i say i’m not pregnant, they might feel uncomfortable and not give their seat up in future to an actual pregnant person and trust me pregnant people need them seats!)

I’ve had a look through the first weeks exercises and they don’t seem too complicated, i actually know a thing or two about this sort of stuff thanks to past boot camps and friends. Throughout the weeks i will update you on my progress so keep an eye out and drop messages to me now and again with some encouragement if you like!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck 🙂

And below is a cute picture of Cora just for funsies!