Carnivore Club Review – AD

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  Hey Guys I’m back to blogging!

If you’ve been following my Instagram & Twitter you will know that Mark and I have had a baby girl, we named her Cora and she is nearly 6 months old! It’s all exciting stuff and we love her to bits.

I cannot begin to tell you how crazy my life is now and so much has changed, my blog has gone untouched for a while because of this. Honestly, i have so much respect for any new mums that manage to do hold down a job or a hobby in the first year!

Carnivore Club reached out to me and asked if i’d like to review one of their monthly boxes and of course i jumped at the chance. It’s a box of meat, it gets delivered straight to your door and i had a very good idea of who would appreciate this…Mark. He’s South African and if it were up to him we’d be eating meat for every meal (sorry veggies). When the package arrived i was taken aback by the amount of meat you get, so i quickly messaged my sister Joanne and told her to get her good plates out and invite the parents, we have some food to test out!

Subscription boxes, you’ve all seen them! They popped up all of a sudden and are a total hit with everybody, you can get anything from a beauty box to a box for your cat each month. I myself was an addict to the Birchbox and Glossyboxes but at £15 a time it got quite pricey. So i was very sceptical of this box, priced at £29 a month, it HAS to be something special.

And it is just that, the box this month is curated by Somerset Charcuterie an independent company specialising in curing meats. The box is filled to the brim and honestly they are done to such a high standard the price of the box is forgotten about. I myself would not be able to agree to the monthly subscription (maternity pay and all that) but i am going to order a few boxes here and there when i have have an occasion coming up or if i just want to spoil myself another month.

So what do you get?

Every month is curated by a different independent business, which i think is really important. I would rather give my money to a lesser known company than mainstream any day.

Somerset Charcuterie is owned by two lads Andy and James from Somerset and they turned their hobby of curing meats into a business. You can’t get more indie than that! The meats itself are amazing and each of my family members had a favourite.

The photo above shows Sliced Coppa (the light meat) and sliced Buffalo Bresaola (the dark meat) both these meats are perfect for snacking on as a starter or used to compliment a cheese board.

The Coppa is pork shoulder cured with juniper, salt and tellicherry pepper before hanging for three months. This went down well with my parents who travel to Spain a lot, it was like the type of meat you would see in a traditional Spanish pub. Soooo delicious and it was the dish that disappeared the quickest for sure.

The sliced Bresaola is Buffalo silverside cured with cinnamon, clove and thyme. Mark loved this one the best as it reminds him of South Africa, he loves his meat to have a deep flavour and you couldn’t keep him away from the stuff.

My favourite are the Draycott pokers which look like the Pepperami in the photos and are packed with red wine, blue cheese and salami. These contain fresh ingredients (which i’m guessing Pepperami don’t) and are hung to dry the traditional way. Talking about these now i’m actually thinking of ordering more online later, they are that good!


On the heart plate we have cider Chorizo and salami.

When i saw the box was curated by guys from Somerset i knew there’d be a cider meat somewhere! And yep, they’ve incorporated local cider into the Chorizo, a genius move on their part. Making a traditionally Spanish dish a bit more localised. We sliced this up to include in the meal but we also kept half of it to use in a stew, which i will list in a separate blog post. These meats don’t have to be cut up and used the way we have, the meats are ready to eat but will last for weeks in the fridge. Some can be used in hot dishes but all of the cured meats should sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before serving.

The salami is my dad’s favourite and again they have included local cider into what is normally an Italian recipe. This is their signature product a meat packed with cider, sage and mustard making it a ‘west country flavour’.

This is the perfect gift to give the foodie in your life. That’s the best thing about the subscription boxes, they’ve become so popular that the companies have become flexible to what the customer wants. Want just 1 month? just click on the ‘no commitment’ button. Want a gift for 3 months? no problem that’s also an option.

I tested the water out last month by buying two besties subscription boxes as birthday gifts and they went down a storm. The Carnivore club would be something a few of my family members would love and with Fathers Day coming up i could not recommend this enough.