Bundobust Manchester

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Blink and you might miss this place!

Located in Piccadilly Gardens this place looks tiny on the outside but once you’re down the stairs the place is filled with long tables and booths leading to a bar specialising in craft beer. The cocktail menu is impressive with an Indian twist, we choose two Dharu Lassi’s, a mango lassi shaken with rum and spiced syrup. Aniseed sprinkles decorate it and Sarah mixes them into hers and instantly regrets it. Her drink is now nice and multi coloured though!

The winning combo here is street food and good beer!

It’s a communal space, one where you sit next to a stranger and can peer at their food choice, or be less weird and make convo!

The restaurant is near empty when Sarah arrives but soon fills up when i arrive (sorry for being late).

So the idea here and what i really like is it’s laid back, you are greeted by friendly staff and there’s no up selling, no rush and great food.

It’s authentic Indian street food, a cuisine that traditionally is meat free, but you would be forgiven for mistaking these dishes as meaty ones. There is so much flavour in each dish you do not miss the meat!

On the table there are plastic cutlery, paper plates and lots of napkins. This gives a real street food vibe and the actual food comes to the table in little paper pots with the company logo on.


At first i think the food isn’t going to fill me up so we decide to add on a couple of sides, flatbread and the Okra fries – something we had to Google,

Me – “What’s Okra?”

Sarah? – *Goggles it* “it’s a lady finger thing”

Me – “what?”

Sarah – ” A veg!!”

Right so you know how the rest of the meal goes. I am so westernised with my Indian food picks, i rarely go for anything other than a Korma. There’s no Korma’s here… and i didn’t miss it, or were there any really spicy dishes i couldn’t handle which is rare for me!

We choose the Combo for 2 which is perfect for people like us that are new and have no idea what the menu is saying. The range of food is so good and the portions are deceivingly small, we can’t finish it and we didn’t need the sides!

The combo is perfect if you can’t decide what you want, it includes:

Tarka Dhal  (Top Left)- A lentil curry cooked with an oil tempered with cumin, garlic and chilli. Served with Basmati rice.

Bundo Chaat (Top Right) – A samosa pastry, puffed rice, tumeric noodles, red onion, tomato and tomato chutney. This dish is my favourite and i think Sarah’s also. It’s served cold which is welcome along side the spice of the paneer dish! I love dishes which are sweet and savoury and this dish is just that, the tumeric spice with the tomato chutney is so nice!

Paneer & mushroom Tikka (The Kebab) – Paneer, mushrooms and peppers marinated in yoghurt curd and Tikka Masala. Barbecued and served with red pepper ketchup and spinach chutney. Now i expected this to be a curry when reading the menu but it is actually a kebab type dish with a big hit of spice. They are the deceivingly filling and perfect to share.

Onion Gobi Bhaji Bhaji (Middle Tub) – Onion, cauliflower and spinach bhaji’s. Served with a tamarind and red chutney

Masaala Dasa (Messy Tub) – Mini rice crepe filled with a potato and onion dry fry. Served with a lentil soup and coconut chutney.

I would highly recommend this place, it’s great value for money and not just somewhere to eat. There’s no rush to leave you table so there’s time to have a few drinks with your pals!