BAKE: Chocolate Orange Fondant

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Judging by social media it seems everyone and their nan received a Terry’s Chocolate Orange this Christmas. Vlogs & Blogs featured them and I watched and realised quickly… I didn’t get one!

BUT I did receive a cook book, the Manchester Cook Book no less. Inside is a Chocolate Orange Fondant recipe by The George Charles pub and out comes the ramekins. (I love that word)


My New years resolution is to bake more, in fact it’s been my resolution for the last 3 years. Not only have I decided to improve my baking skills but I’ve decided to try my hand at photography and writing too. So why not combine them all and do a blog.

Here’s how I get on:

First rookie mistake. The recipe says that you need 4 chilled large Cappuccino cups. I have 4 warm ramekins, that’ll do right? Ok I’ll at least chill them.

After 20 minutes in the freezer I am supposed to brush melted butter into them. I don’t have a brush! I have make-up brushes? NO. I’ll be sensible and use greaseproof paper.
Once ‘brushed’ I chill for a further 15 minutes and repeat the butter step. then I dust with cocoa powder.





Filled ramekins

10 eggs and 500g of 70% chocolate is required for this fondant. How indulgent! Green and Blacks is my favourite chocolate to bake with and I mix this with a bar of Irish handmade chocolate that my brother gave me for Christmas. Because the Irish chocolate is 82% I pop in some plain to mix it up. I’ve gone rogue!

After what seems (and probably was) an hour of mixing, whisking, zesting… and eating, the ramekins are filled and ready for the oven.

’12 minutes exactly’ the recipe says. Ok. In they go.

12 minutes later… undercooked.

I pop them back in and cross my fingers, after 10 more minutes  I take them out.


I am SUPER happy.

And of course the only logical thing to do will be to visit The George Charles in Didsbury to compare. It’s for research of course!


The lovely people at The George Charles have allowed me to share the recipe! Why not try it yourself and tag me in your result photos using the hashtag #MajellaBakes

What you will need:

4 large chilled cappuccino cups (or ramekins at your own risk)

5 eggs

175g sugar

500g chocolate, 70%

175g plain flour, sifted

25g cocoa, sifted

Zest of 1 orange

Seeds of 1 vanilla pod

25g melted butter

For coating the cups:

50g melted butter



Chill 4 large cappuccino cups, brush with melted butter and chill again. After 15 minutes re-butter the cups and then coat with cocoa. Tap out the excess.

Preheat the oven to 180 or gas mark 4

Mix the eggs and egg yolk together in a mixer with a whisk.

Put the sugar in a pan and add 50ml water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes to dissolve the sugar.

Slowly pour the melted sugar into the whisked eggs. Keep whisking until light and fluffy.

Melt the chocolate over a hot water bath.

Pour the melted chocolate into the egg mixture, then slowly add the sifted flour and cocoa, the vanilla seeds, orange zest and melted butter.

Fully combine all the ingredients, divide into the prepared cups and place on a tray in the preheated oven. Cook for exactly 12 minutes. Turn the fondants onto a plate to serve.