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One of the main obstacles being a parenting blogger is that when socials and blogging events become available usually you can’t make them because you have a little one to look after. This can dishearten you and inevitably you become less productive. I came across a blogging group that allows bloggers from the North to connect with each other in the hopes of inspiring and even collaborating with each other.

I joined with a realistic attitude towards the event side of things but luckily when a spot opened up to go to an Afternoon Tea with a few of the members i emailed the lovely Holly who runs it (with Kat) and i asked if i could bring Cora.

To my delight she said of course! Obviously i had to think about if Cora would sit down for long or if i am taking her too far from home, but you know what, i was feeling unusually spontaneous and so the next day i got us both ready and headed to Cheshire!

It was only then did i even think to myself, OH MY GOSH IT’S MY FIRST SOCIAL AND I KNOW NO ONE.

Also side note, i was without my bestie Sarah who is like my blogging mother and i never go to things without her (mainly because i’m always her +1 but that’s beside the point haha)

The car journey to Knutsford from Heywood was surprisingly good, Cora slept most of the way and considering i avoided the motorway i got to the meet up in good time.

I was super nervous walking in to meet the ladies. With my pram and 5 bags of rubbish in tow, I wandered in and was immediately greeted warmly and this relaxed me.

After all that i could finally look at what i had stepped into…

A gorgeous hotel with an add on restaurant with the interior being country chic goals. Two brothers own the building and to my surprise they bought it when it was derelict. The work gone into the place is incredible with every bit of detail was thought out perfectly. They kept a lot of the original features and brought in additions which gives The Vicarage it’s unique style. The bar area is actually an altar!

Things like this impress me much more than a complete white wash room. Old buildings are full of character and keeping that makes a great setting for something so charming like an Afternoon Tea.

The Afternoon Tea was set in the atrium which lends a lovely daylight to the whole experience. The staff are very helpful with the manager even wheeling Cora’s pram into the room! A highchair was set out ready and this whole lead up to the tea made me feel so much more relaxed and my nerves subsided.

The ladies were so lovely and cooed over Cora the entire time. Luckily Cora was in great form (she did have an hour nap en-route) and she was ready for her food just as much as i was!

Drinks orders were taken and of course i went for a coffee, i am a coffee fuelled machine these days with Amercano’s being my preferred choice. It had popcorn on the side of it… i bloody love a surprise snack with my drinks!

The food followed quickly and i couldn’t wait to dig in. I tactically gave Cora her jar before the tier of goodies arrived so that she wasn’t as cranky when i got to eat. Honestly when she sees food she has to have it, not too sure where she gets that from * insert shifty looking face emoji here.*

I mean would you just take a look at those photos!

Oh my goodness the plates were put together perfectly and even the plates themselves are perfect haha.

So i don’t know the correct etiquette with Afternoon Tea’s but personally i like to start with the savoury, eat the sweets and finish with the scone. Everyone has there own way i think!

The sandwiches were fresh and i was happy to see a good ol’ egg mayo on there. Also why do sandwiches taste better with their crusts cut off, it’s like a mystery the same as when an Easter egg tastes better than chocolate bars! Just me?

Accompanying the sandwiches were savoury treats with my favourite being the salmon blinis. There was just enough on there without over filling you and preparing you for the next tier.

The dessert tier was not surprisingly my favourite, it had a chocolate orange brownie, parkin and a lemon meringue tart on it. The parkin stole it for me and that caught me off guard completely, it was baked to perfection and had a not too sweet cream piped onto the top. I could eat a whole tray of that!

And no Afternoon tea is compete without the staple scones. There was a hint of spice running through them and were served with fresh cream and jam. A nice but important touch to this meal is that everything is locally sourced, this is something the company prides itself on!

With it being surrounded by the Cheshire countryside filled with fresh produce using that to it’s advantage is a smart move and i’m happy to support that!

If you are looking for a nice place for an Afternoon Tea i would really recommend here and on Thursdays they have a two for one deal on and can be booked here!


This tea was complimentary but as always my opinions are my own. Thank you for reading 🙂